The Best Events Happening in France in 2017

France is a country which is never short of things to do, that is possibly due to many renowned events which are held across the country every year. We tied up what we consider to be the finest of these events in an informative article so that if you are considering a trip to France, you can hopefully coincide with one of these magnificent events. So, without making you wait any longer, here is the list!

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Top Greek Tourist Destinations

For years now the beautiful and ancient country of Greece in the Mediterranean Basin has been one of the most popular holiday destinations for holiday-makers seeking some sun, sea and sand with a bit of history thrown, and it remains an incredibly popular European holiday spot today. And the thing is, no matter how many times that you visit this country, there is always something new to see and do, which is hardly surprising considering that aside from the mainland there are an astounding 6000 Greek islands scattered through the south-eastern Mediterranean, 227 of which are inhabited. Continue reading Top Greek Tourist Destinations

Beaches of Spanish islands

Spain is one of the warmest countries in Europe and one of the most popular European holiday destination. What is more, expect for its continental part, Spain has 13 wonderful islands in two archipelagos: Canary and Balearic. Beautiful weather, countless monuments, but above all, wonderful beaches and stunning seashores attract million of tourists every year. I have gathered here the most beautiful beaches of Spanish islands and made a list that will inspire you for your next holiday expedition.

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10 ideas for your dream holidays

After this cold and windy winter, you definitely need a place to warm up a bit and enjoy your days off to the fullest. Where to go if all you dream about is a beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear water combined with interesting cultural sites? Check out my ideas for the best beach holiday destinations that you will not be able to resist.

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