The Best Events Happening in France in 2017

France is a country which is never short of things to do, that is possibly due to many renowned events which are held across the country every year. We tied up what we consider to be the finest of these events in an informative article so that if you are considering a trip to France, you can hopefully coincide with one of these magnificent events. So, without making you wait any longer, here is the list!

<h2>The Tour de France</h2>

One of the truly iconic sights to see in France would be the nationwide Tour de France. If you aren’t familiar with this, the Tour de France is the world’s largest annual sporting event, where keen sports people complete a tour of France on bike in a marathon style race. The race practically passes by the whole of France and takes 3 weeks to complete. Being a spectator at an event such as this can be very exciting, as you watch on with thousands of other fans and it’s one of the sporting events which you can get very close to the action and feel a part of everything which is happening.

<h2>Celebrate Bastille Day in Val d’Isère</h2>

Bastille Day only comes around once a year in France, and it’s an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. There simply isn’t anywhere better in France to spend the day than in the snow covered village of Val d’Isère. Whether you are looking for a breath-taking firework display, live music, DJs, dancing and all the usual cultural activities the celebration holds. The locals to the village always embrace the celebration with open arms to visitors, so if you are planning a skiing trip, it would be totally worth making sure you are there for the 14th of July. For great deals in Val d’Isere, Mark Warner has a great selection of offers to this popular French ski resort.

<h2>Cannes Film Festival</h2>

Arguably one of the biggest events in the film world, the Cannes Film Festival is a great chance to see new unreleased films from the world’s best directors, as well as a host of exciting up-and-coming directors who has recently come into critical acclaim. When you attend an event at the Festival you are bound to see a famous director or actor, as it’s not the biggest place. Everyone who is anyone in the film industry is in Cannes for this. This is the perfect event to form a trip around if you are a film lover.

<h2>Paris Game Week</h2>

You’ll have no doubt heard of ‘PGW’, which is an abbreviation for The Paris Games Week. This event is a celebration of everything in the video games world. No matter if you are a fan of retro games, or looking to learn more about the upcoming unreleased games that you are excited about the Paris Game week is a great event which is filled with lots of games to try and industry speakers to listen to. This event is extremely popular with aspiring game developers, as there is so much “behind the curtain” screenings and conversations with some of the most famous figures in the gaming world.


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