Top Greek Tourist Destinations

For years now the beautiful and ancient country of Greece in the Mediterranean Basin has been one of the most popular holiday destinations for holiday-makers seeking some sun, sea and sand with a bit of history thrown, and it remains an incredibly popular European holiday spot today. And the thing is, no matter how many times that you visit this country, there is always something new to see and do, which is hardly surprising considering that aside from the mainland there are an astounding 6000 Greek islands scattered through the south-eastern Mediterranean, 227 of which are inhabited.

Even if you have been Greece before, then you definitely can’t have seen all of the country, so it could be high time that you took another trip there for your holidays. There are loads of great deals available since it is such a popular destination and you can really tailor a trip there to suit you perfectly. Check out sites like Expedia for deals for any budget, and make sure to use an Expedia discount code to make the most of your money. So if you haven’t already then the following 3 Greek destinations should definitely be on your must-visit list.


If the warm and glittering sea and fantastically rugged landscapes are for you with a coastline full of interesting little smugglers coves, then Zakynthos is the Greek island for you. Also known as Zante, it is a really popular holiday spot and even boasts its own international airport meaning getting to it is not some sort of heroic effort. With over 120km of coastline, when you visit this charming Ionian island, be sure to make a beeline straight for the beach. Also take time out to visit Zakynthos City which features some gorgeous architecture and other cultural sites such as the Byzantine Museum.


If you’ve ever seen a picture of charming blue and white Greek town, then chances are that you were looking at Santorini which is also the name of the island as a whole which is located in the Aegean Sea some 200km south of the Greek mainland. Having been previously voted the world’s most beautiful island, with a booming wine industry, lovely villages and of course gorgeous beaches with views out across the Med, this island really does have it all. The result of a volcanic eruption, the most well-known tourist spot on the island has to be Pyrgos.


It is so easy to skip the capital and go straight to the islands when you are holidaying in Greece, but you really should take the time in your holiday schedule to spend at least a day or two in the ancient capital of Athens. We have loads to thank this seat of Greek power for such as the birth of western civilisation, and obviously on a trip to the capital, there are so many cultural and historical sites of interest to see such as the Parthenon. With a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit, Athens is a truly magnificent city to take in.

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